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Elrth Group

We studied the evolution of consumer buying shift from Natural products to Adulterated replacements . Our understanding is that over the last decade , there is a lot of medical studies and research done on the stability of Human Wellness, which was worryingly compromised over lot of other fantasies . The serious learning is that most of the degenerative illness which prevails across the globe more than the present pandemic scenario is really a big threat and strong warning to humans . These have really a big connection to the consumer consumption pattern which has collapsed over many years . Here is a silent attempt happening on one side for the promotion of 100% Natural & Organic substances for Human Consumption and many voices are heard here and there . There needs to be a strong Movement which would create a shift of Consumerism to the Quality based things produced OR manufactured . We are trying our bit efforts to bring in this change by researching and studying about the People and Companies who have a Vision for Human empowerment and existence . Our efforts would be to join with them and bring forward a consolidated platform for the Market Trade , where WHAT WE OFFER YOU:- Wholesalers, Retailers and even Consumers can buy these Quality filled Natural ingredients based , Chemical Additives free Products. it's a Blissful initiative which Promotes and Promises Well being of ourselves and the co-occupants on this part of the Earth. Elrth is an initiative to bring some of the best consumption products on Earth, with this Promise ! Let's Stay blessed and be an occupant on Earth with lots of Positive Vibes around.

Two human minds dreamt together about collectively offering the society, better products for living . Nature was their greatest motivation factor . What's best for humans is Natural ; they studied and continued learning about available Best products across the country and are trying to present the Innovative Products with a Futurustic landscape . Using Technology , Elrth facilitates an Innovative Marketplace for Entrepreneurs with a similiar vision .

"| still remember those days , when my uncle who was a Business man comes home after his International trips . He used to bring us Good chocolates and some other goodies . But | also remember that he used to bring us some food items / beverages which were Made in India . While asking my father , why these products cant be bought here, he replied that these products are only available in the Foreign Market . Ohh, | said because as a child my knowhow was limited ." said Lijo to Eldho. Eldho Mathew and Lijo Joseph , the Co- Founders of Elrth were room mates during their work life in Dubai and like many others , were stuck at their company provided accomodation . As Eldho was working in the Purchase department and Lijo in the Marketing department, both of them were very well connected to the products their company was dealing with and also the several other products in that market place . Taking Lijo's old memory well connected to the present situation also, Eldho asked him * Why don't we think about connecting with Quality oriented consumer products manufacturers from India who export to various parts of the world " The idea was not again to be in the export trade .

"Yes, this discussion marked our journey to arrive at the formation of Elrth Group . We made our minds and during mid 2020 , we took our flight back packing up and dreaming about a blissful initiative in our Home State ", says Lijo Joseph . The pandemic scenario cancelled their many travel plans across the state as well as India to find the Best suppliers of Consumer products but then virtual meetings helped to discuss the possibilities . "It is really tough to understand the Genuinenes of the Manufacturer/ Producer as only a minority in this highly commercial marketplace has a proper Vision and Commitment to provide the best consumable products ", says Eldho . " Though we have identified a few Manufacturers and their amazing products , which would really be a game changer for Human wellness , we are in the relentless process of identifying and connecting with those with a clear vision and purpose of their existence . We formed a great vision to serve the best of products and hence our selection process is

"Right now , we have coined around 10 products , however we are targetting 500 product sku's before this quarter end ie Sep 2021", says the Co- founders with a bold outlook into their initiative . Further to the Consumer products , considering the future landcape of Nature and Environment factors they are researching on the best solutions for energy sources and striving to offer those services also . The Market place we are envisaging would really connect well with people of a similar interest as ours , hence we invite the different segments from trade to come forward and associate with us .